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Welcome to 221B Group Limited

Achieving meaningful change

221B Group Limited was established in 2013 with two key elements to the business that have several synergies, value for money and exceeding our client’s expectations in all that we do.

Design – Install – Maintain

From the design concept, throughout the build phase and ongoing service and maintenance we work with our diverse customer base across the UK.

Explore the possibilities

Innovation is at the heart of our business, introducing new technologies which increase return on investment for the people we work with.

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Important new product announcement

Smart Legionella Monitoring

Businesses with 5 or more employees have a legal requirement to monitor their water for Legionella bacteria and record then store the results for a minimum of 2 years.

The consequences of these things not being correctly completed could result in substantial fines and interruption to business.

We have a unique cost and time saving solution that meets all the requirements to make the regular routine of monitoring water systems easy and effective.

Security Solutions

We have an excellent reputation in specialist security systems, developing innovative solutions to individual client’s requirements on time and within budget.

We are the only independent company that specialises in security smoke systems a proven effective loss prevention method, ensuring protection in over 2000 high profile buildings day and night.

Our attention to detail is renowned within the industry; working with our customers, as well as on behalf of manufacturers and third parties, to ensure that their clients are secure.


Security Systems

Specialising in security systems used in the defence of loss ranging from a CCTV camera to a security smoke system.

Facilities Management Companies

Whether it is a retail outlet, school, industrial site or an office complex we will work with you to ensure it functions effectively.

Smart Building Applications

Whatever type of industry or market, there are endless possibilities to develop a fully audited automated system reporting on the essentials systems.

Connecting the Workplace

Enabling businesses to lower bottom line costs while increasing productivity. The opportunities to boost profits has never been greater connecting the workplace.

Smart Solutions

Using connected technologies and innovation to change how clients view their day to day activity which not only benefits the company but the employees and clients they serve.

Whatever type of industry or market there are unlimited possibilities to develop a fully audited automated service for you.

Our aim is to deliver a greater than expected service throughout the UK, against a back drop of an ever-changing world and our client’s needs in both Security Protection and Smart Solutions for a connected protected business.




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