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Security smoke system effective with daytime protection for retail staff

An attempted armed robbery was stopped by staff activating the security smoke system.

A Watches of Switzerland Group store in Spitalfields, London was the scene last June of a brazen single person attack targeting Tag Heuer watches. If it had not been for the quick-thinking actions of the store manager working in the CCTV room the outcome could have been very different.

Thankfully the member of staff was unharmed, and the individual was apprehended and jailed.

Security smoke systems have always been viewed as an out of hours loss prevention method, but with the increase of daytime attacks, the Watches of Switzerland Group recognised that staff safety was at risk and wanted a method that allowed trained staff the ability to make a decision based on the circumstances at the time. Bars and grills were not an option, security smoke was and is the perfect solution for a retail environment.

Security smoke is now used both day and night to not only protect the products within their stores but also to protect the most highly prized asset in their business their staff.

“Security smoke has proved an effective solution in the prevention of both day and night time attacks for a number of years. Giving our staff across our branch network the piece of mind to work in a safe and secure environment while not hindering our day to day trading.”

M.H – Head of Audit and Loss Prevention.


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