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What we do

Security Solutions

221B Security Solutions work tirelessly to ensure that your property is protected against the risk of Intrusion. We invest a great deal of care and attention to understanding what our clients require, and continue to maintain this day after day.

We aim to deliver a greater than expected service throughout the UK, against a back drop of an ever changing world and our client’s needs in Security protection.

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Security solutions

Design, Install, Maintain


When we design a security system we use the same principles, will it be effective within budget and on time simple really!


We have installed 1000’s of systems covering everything from private housing to huge industrial buildings we take the same care and attention every time, we leave site when your happy!


You have gone to the expense of having a system installed so like your car it needs looking after every so often, our service plans are simple and effective not designed to cost you money but save you money!

Security Smoke Systems

Security Smoke Systems provide protection without the need for bars and grills and are suitable for all business types and situations from schools to jewellers, petrol stations to bookmakers where ever you need to protect your stock assets, premises, employees and staff.

They can be deployed by manual activation where the need arises or alarm systems saving business and customers millions of pounds in losses.

Access all areas with cloudview

Closed Circuit TV. The name defines its limitations… until now, footage from CCTV systems has been ‘closed’ to everyone except authorised users viewing dedicated monitors in close proximity.

The Cloudview Visual Network Adapter changes all that – liberating CCTV so it becomes a more powerful, flexible and effective tool.

Now you can upgrade your system and view, manage and share CCTV footage from anywhere, at anytime, via PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Core services


What do we do?

We provide the service of designing, installing and maintain security prevention, protection systems and we also maintain systems installed by other companies.

What makes us different?

We have a loyal client list that we work in partnership with from a small independent to large multi-site national companies, we provide clear pricing and carry out the work when we say we are going to.

Who are our customers?

From schools to retail and industrial companies we cover the full spectrum with different types of properties delivering our services UK wide, supporting our customers 24 hours a day all year round.

Are you a facilities management company?

If you are then join our partners in the same market and enjoy the benefits of working with us to keep your customers happy.

Why should you get in touch with us?

Our customers see a return on their investment of working with us, they enjoy a prompt service and we only leave a property when our clients are happy!


0845 812 3010