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The UK rail network is an extensive and growing organisation, with many assets that require tracking to prevent loss, facilitate condition monitoring and maintenance timetabling all achievable within a connected environment.

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A scalable solution

Connecting individual sites to a cloud-based system

A connected system to automatically record and send data to enable an audit trail combining all the demands, could be complex and costly. Our numerous easy to use scalable solutions are cost effective and provide the perfect fit for the requirements of all stakeholders with a system that requires no specialist training.

Realtime locations of moveable assets such as rolling stock is easy to achieve with a network of fixed data collection points that automatically recognise and log flow around the tracks.

These same collection points can also send data about condition, checking for abnormalities in vibration, heat or noise all possible signs of deterioration.

Keeping a record of service and repairs over such a diverse range of equipment is crucial, we offer a program that is paperless and easy to use over the lifetime of any asset.

With proof of service smart tags, we enable you to oversee the performance of your workforce from direct employees to contractors all simple and easy to use with no complicated procedures to follow.
Proof of compliance allows you to demonstrate that you have complied with all relevant legislation and regulations, ensuring that your buildings and its occupants are kept safe.

Statutory Compliance ensures that you comply with statutory compliance testing requirements and that your records are always accurate and up to date. This allows you to demonstrate your duty of care via robust processes, as well as removing the risk of fine or possible prosecution.

With Lone worker systems your improving Safety and Security of employees making a lone visit can use the intuitive system to set a return time and should they not return as planned, the system will automatically trigger an agreed escalation alert process.

The system allows fast follow-up of late returning employees, supporting their safety and wellbeing, as well as saving company time. It also provides oversight of employees working in the field at weekends, bank holidays or during the night.

Key management, linked to a secure cloud-based database, which allows to record and monitor keys that are logged in and out of the organisation. This simple to use system provides you with the whereabouts of every key you manage.

We have cost effective solutions that are tailored to your business and requirements.

Tailored solutions for Railways

What can we do for you?

Proof of compliance

In all aspects of your building and record keeping

Proof of service

Ensuring scheduled maintenance programs are fulfilled

Proof of Presence

Real-time location for people and assets

Proof of ID

Authenticate identity in a range of applications

Lone worker

Safety of your employees when they are working alone

Asset protection

Tracking of valuable items stop loss reduces cost

Key management

Record and monitor keys effective user tracking

Predictive breakdowns

Minimise machinery downtime

Energy use

Optimise services with real time data analytics

Air Quality

Providing data to protect and improve the quality of air

Stock control

Supply chain administration on time every time

Audit Trail

Records are always accurate and up to date

Information data

Provide critical data to increase performance

Footfall Data

Capturing peoples journey through a building

Connected Healthcare

A multi-agency approach to ensuring the right care

Smart Legionella Monitoring

Proving compliance in water systems


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