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For a retailer the benefits of connecting individual sites to a cloud-based user-friendly system are many enabling proof of compliance, asset management and condition monitoring of the existing infrastructure are just a few of the diverse uses available.

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A scalable solution

Connecting individual sites to a cloud-based system

All the features of coherent working are designed to increase profits by analysis of the statistical data which is generated by pulling together all the elements of a retail estate easy to understand and implement change.

A scalable solution without the need for specialist training or knowledge to give either an overview of the whole business or singular parts to maintain an automated audit trail of asset management and contractor works.

With any type of outlet comes many levels of compliance requirements from checking the correct fire extinguishers are in situ and the emergency lighting is functioning creating a log of activity and logging any works required are all part of a paperless effective system.

Our systems are easy to install across a network of trades that maintain your stores, providing proof of service or presence all data straight to your desk without the need for constant updates of spreadsheets or various operating systems to understand and navigate.

Housekeeping of a building is easy to keep track of with automatically confirming tasks are completed and highlighting areas that require further attention.

Condition monitoring of existing equipment that can predict failure or breakdown, lowers cost of repair or replacement.

Relying on busy staff to escalate areas of concern or areas that need attention can be time consuming and detrimental to a business.

Automatic reporting of all manner of items on the sales floor or back of house back to you or even straight to the trade responsible with an audited chain of events saves time and money while increasing efficiency.

Tailored solutions for Retailers

Connecting the retailer

As an individual and simultaneously as part of a property portfolio

What can we do for you?

Proof of compliance

In all aspects of your building and record keeping

Proof of service

Ensuring scheduled maintenance programs are fulfilled

Proof of Presence

Real-time location for people and assets

Proof of ID

Authenticate identity in a range of applications

Lone worker

Safety of your employees when they are working alone

Asset protection

Tracking of valuable items stop loss reduces cost

Key management

Record and monitor keys effective user tracking

Predictive breakdowns

Minimise machinery downtime

Energy use

Optimise services with real time data analytics

Air Quality

Providing data to protect and improve the quality of air

Stock control

Supply chain administration on time every time

Audit Trail

Records are always accurate and up to date

Information data

Provide critical data to increase performance

Footfall Data

Capturing peoples journey through a building

Connected Healthcare

A multi-agency approach to ensuring the right care

Smart Legionella Monitoring

Proving compliance in water systems


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